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Our crown and invert products enable the structural rehabilitation of existing buried assets where either a crown or invert is required. The primary benefit of this solution is in providing a cost-efficient alternative to rehabilitating the entire diameter of the host structure, while still achieving Channeline’s service life of 150 years.

In circumstances of hydrogen sulfide gas corrosion of the crown, this product provides a fully-structural rehabilitation solution. The design, manufacture and supply of a GRP rail system to support the crown can also be provided.

Our invert product maximizes the hydraulic
capacity of the existing asset by up to 25%, as well as offering benefits such as high abrasion resistance, self cleaning and high durability. Channeline’s unique design and manufacture methods ensure that the cross-sectional area is maximized.

technology at channeline
technology at channeline


Unrivaled experience

Channeline has over four decades of experience specliased in the design and manufacture of circular and non-circular buried infrastructure for our clients worldwide.

150 year service life

Longevity is important to us, and a key part of our vision. Our products have been proven via independent testing (using the long-term creep retention test) to have a service life of at least 150 years.

Any shape, any size

Our completely bespoke design and manufacturing capabilities mean we can provide fully-structural liner products at any shape, and any size. We also offer multi-segmental products that are perfect for large-diameter projects or more complex logistical needs.

Thinner than standard GRP

Our patented technology uses a sandwich panel method combining a unique polymer and aggregate core. This means that our product is remarkably stiff and strong, but with a relatively thin wall. This is important as we maintain as much cross-sectional area as possible.

How we work

Project evaluation

Our expert team take care to understand the requirements and nuances of each project. This usually involves surveying the host pipe, which we can help arrange, and a site visit.

Bespoke design service

Our in-house design team creates a custom design to fully satisfy project requirements and specifications. If required, the design can be validated using finite element analysis.

Manufacture, with quality in mind

The bespoke manufacture of product begins. Quality control is undertaken both during and on completion of the manufacturing process. If required, third party inspection and validation can be arranged.

Dedicated logistics support

The finished solution is prepared for shipping and dispatched to the project location. Our dedicated logistics team and client liaison provide end-to-end support until the arrival of goods.

Installation supervision

Training and support for installation can be provided by our team on request.

Product features

Logistical advantage

Thanks to their smaller size and ability to be nested, transportation costs and environmental impact can be reduced.

A cost-efficient alternative

Our separate crown and invert products provide a cost-efficient alternative to rehabilitating the entire diameter of the host structure.




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