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About the project

Brisbane City Council discovered that a culvert running under the busy Brisbane Corso road was reaching the end of its structural lifespan. The 13-meter long inverted-arch box culvert needed to be rehabilitated within 6 months to continue its safe operation.

Opening onto the Brisbane River, this culvert was exposed to the rising tides. Traditional concrete rehabilitation would require the construction of a cofferdam to keep the culvert clear of river water while concrete was placed and cured. This would be costly, with a large construction and environmental footprint.

Instead, Channeline was selected for the solution thanks to our modular products, which allowed installation to happen during low tide. Our segments were engineered to match the unique geometry of the culvert and be strong enough to take the load without relying on the existing concrete structure. Fabricated in 1.2-metre lengths for easy handling, the pipe segments were then winched in place and sealed to form a complete, structurally-sound culvert.


Brisbane City Council






13 m


5.9 m


Slip liner

Design Specification


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